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Who: everybody! who wants to, that is
What: celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival. Cao Pi is hosting a noble-level celebration at the palace of Xuchang, and will escort anyone who wants to join in safely to the location. Soldiers in the main camp are celebrating, too. The Teahouse is offering free moon cakes, and there is a lantern-decorated shrine to Lady Kaguya even if no one knows where she's gone. In Xuchang there is a huge feast on the eve of the Equinox, and Cao Pi has gone all out to show everyone how great a host he is.
When: anytime Sept. 5 - 22 (shhh date fudging with a lunar calendar)
Where: in Xuchang, as well as the main camp
Warnings: not likely
Notes: rather than post two logs, the Main Camp may use this log for open threads taking place there, even though the bulk of the prompts are set in Xuchang. Feel free to wildcard anything you want.

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Moments ago, there was an earthquake. You might not have felt it, but it definitely happened. The collapsed tents and spooked horses serve as evidence that something unsettling shook the main camp not that long ago. The soldiers and citizens don't seem terribly frightened, as if they've gotten used to the ground trembling by now, but more than one stops to look toward the tall spires of rock separating the comfortable and well-ordered areas of the camp from a deserted battlefield. It's as if they wonder to themselves whether something deep in the pit on the other side might have caused it...again...

And then they realize that something else has happened.

You are here – or near here.
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